Wearable Serigraphy

Wearable Serigraphy is a project that combines my love for photography with my obsession for the perfect screen print. I hope to present a unique vision of things captured through the lens, and transferred to print by the means I am most comfortable with and expert at. I think this combination presents itself as a unique product, that I hope will help move the peception of the craft of t-shirt printing across the line from “commercial” to fine art serigraphy.

I’m developing a line of prints for the retail market, featuring high-quality halftone prints of my photography.¬†In keeping with the concepts of fine art serigraphy, the print runs will all be limited-edition, and signed and numbered.

I’ve successfully funded the first round of 3 prints through¬†Kickstarter, and they are now available for sale! (US only, please)

Click the thumbnails to open a large detail image of each shirt in a new window



Mexican Agave




Leakey Tombstone




Dune and Vine


I’m getting ready to start on the next three designs by March of 2012 or so — Most likely, these are the next three images I’ll print: